Adress Verification Germany, Austria, Switzerland

RISER Business Activities

  • Address verification in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.
  • Inquiries into official population registers.
  • Realtime inquiries in Germany.
  • Pre-qualification of data.

Address Search Process

Inquiries are forwarded to official population registers. We take cate of your requests in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The RISER ID Services GmbH acts as a data processor on behalf of its customers and does not store any data within databases. 

Single and Mass Inquiries

RISER enables customers to request address information from official population registers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, either through single or mass inquiries.

For a single inquiry, the customer enters data directly into an online form, which is adapted to the requirements of the relevant national or local registry office.

Mass inquiries are catered for transferring a file containing a greater number of data sets with inquiries. RISER can adapt to the customers' needs in terms of data format and the required interfaces.

Your Request

  1. You submit your inquiries for different countries or communities in a central web form.
  2. RISER distributes your requests to the respective register offices.
  3. The register processes your requests and sends the results back to RISER.
  4. You download your address search results from the web portal.

Your Result

The result of your inquiry obtains full name and full address as listed in the respective official population register. In addition to your address check result you will receive further information by codes. These codes may indicate for example whether the searched person changed its name.

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