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Who We Are

RISER ID Services GmbH is market leader for the electronic processing of resident registry information in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. RISER was called into life in 2004 as an innovation project in the scope of the European Commission eTEN Programme. The project ended 2010. Since then a company has developed that is firmly positioned in the market.

For the European Commission RISER still is an example for successful establishment of sustainable cross-border e-Government services.

Knowledge Carrier

As an expanding technology venture RISER stands out through excellence in technological innovation, process efficiency and customer service. On that account RISER is market-leading in terms of costs, speed and hit rates of electronic resident registry information.

Benefit from Excellent Relationships

The company consists of an experienced team of specialists that since many years is significantly involved in forming the market. RISER works in a close partnership with public authorities on local and regional levels. RISER’s customers consist of private companies and public institutions who benefit from facilitation of e-Government activities.

Data Security Seal

The RISER service has been awarded the EuroPriSe privacy seal for data protection. RISER ID Services GmbH herewith is the first address verification provider whose online services have been awarded for the processing of personal data in compliance with data protection standards.
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Arne BaßlerManaging Director

Arne Baßler, Geschäftsführer RISER ID Services GmbH

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