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Processing data in a safe and reliable way is the core competence of RISER ID Services GmbH. For this reason, we see data security as our highest priority.

We provide you with information on what measures are being taken to protect your data as a user of our European address verification services.

Any questions which may arise we are happy to give an answer to.

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Data Security Official

Cornelia Faust acts as our data security officer and will gladly help you with all issues concerning data protection.

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Web Analytics with Piwik

We operate our website to provide you with information, news and a secure login section for our customers. We want to take care that you can make an effective use of our pages. Questions we ask ourselves are: Which language do our visitors speak, what is the reason for visitors staying on certain page only for half a second? The webanalytic tool "Piwik"  helps us, to find answers.

Piwik does not upload statistical data to an internet cloud, but is installed on our own secured RISER server. Collected data can't be connected to any personal data, the IP address gets anonymized.


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Operations and Customer Support

Michaela Kremzow

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