Data Security on our Website

For us, privacy is a matter of course and so we pull out all the stops to offer our visitors a privacy-friendly stay.

Measures for a Secure Visit

Storage of your Contact Details


If you have subscribed to the RISER Newsletter on the "Become a customer" page, we will use your e-mail address to send you information about the services provided by RISER ID Services GmbH at irregular intervals. You can click on the link provided in the newsletter to opt out of this service. We will never give your contact details to third parties.

Become a customer

On the page "Become a Customer", you can request information about RISER ID Services GmbH and our services by filling out a contact form. If no client relationship occurs between you and RISER ID Services GmbH, your data will be deleted after 180 days. However, this does not apply if you have subscribed to the RISER Newsletter. Where this is the case, your data will be kept beyond this 180 day period, in order to send you the newsletter. We will never give your contact details to third parties.

External Links

We provide links to our partners' external sites. External content is checked at the time links are set up. However, the possibility that this content may be changed by the corresponding provider later on cannot be ruled out. If you believe that an external site to which we provide links impinges upon applicable law, or that it contains any other inappropriate content, please let us know.

Furthermore, this privacy statement applies only to the RISER ID Services GmbH server. A different privacy statement may apply to the servers which the links we provide lead to. In order to check this, you should go to the homepage of the site you are accessing and if necessary, contact the provider directly. 

RISER ID Services GmbH accepts no liability for content provided by third parties, or for the level of data protection they provide.

Cookie: Session ID-Number

A unique identification number (session ID number) is created for each user to enable them to access the online content provided by RISER ID Services GmbH. The session ID allows the user to use various functions without having to log in again.

The unique session ID, which is created using the Globally Unique Identifier process (GUID process) and which cannot be "guessed", ensures that the user is protected from unauthorised third parties attempting to use the portal under the user's name.

The session ID is saved in the browser cache with the help of "session cookies" and disappears when the browser is closed. Session cookies do not collect information about the user, nor do they read out information from the user's PC. 

If the user has deactivated cookies in their browser settings, they can still use the portal without limitations.

Webanalytics with Piwik

We operate our website to provide you with information, news and a secure login section for our customers. We want you to feel comfortable on our website and constantly strive to optimise it.  For this purpose we use the web analytics tool "Piwik". The certification body of the EuroPriSe seal classifies it as unproblematic and recommends it therefore. Piwik does not store any personal data or the IP address. 

The open source software Piwik is installed directly on our secure RISER servers so no statistical data is uploaded to an internet cloud. No outsider gets access to any stored analysis data. Data thus obtained is not shared with third parties.

In particular, the following data is saved:

  • searches, referrer , languages, origin of visitors by country;
  • length of stay, entry pages, exit pages, drop-out rates;
  • browser, downloads, anonymous IP address.

Data Security Measures for Applying Piwik

  • We only store an abbreviated IP address (Example: 123.178.58.XXX)
  • The user can deactivate the tracking cookie (see bottom of this page).
  • No user profiles are created with collected referrer data.
  • Data used for analysis is not linked to any other data collected.
  • Collected user data is separated technically and organizationally.
  • Tracking cookies have a lifespan of 30 days.

How to Deactivate Piwik

You can decide whether a web analysis cookie may be stored in your browser in order to allow us to collect and analyse various statistical data. If you want to opt out, remove the check mark from the box to store the Piwik opt-out cookie in your browser.

Please note that the Piwik opt-out cookie will be deleted when you remove the cookies stored in your browser. If you use another computer or a different web browser, you must set the opt-out cookie again.

Our Contact Person

Stefan GöthePartner Management and Data Security

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The certification body of the EuroPriSe seal classifies Piwik as unproblematic and recommends it therefore. Piwik does not store any personal data or your IP address. 

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