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4th Conference on eServices in European Civil Registration


On the 9th and 10th October 2008 the 4th Conference on eServices in European Civil Registration took place at the cityhall Schöneberg in Berlin (Germany). The conference brought together more than 150 stakeholders in civil registration from 22 countries.


The international conference was organised by the RISER Consortium, which works on the deployment of the Trans-European Registry Information Service on European Residents (RISER). RISER is supported by the European Commission under the eTEN Programme. Again this annual conference pointed out the importance of RISER as a unique platform for cross-border knowledge exchange on topics like civil registration and data protection.


4th Conference on eServices in European Civil Registration

Conference Programme


Programme (EN)




Population Registration - about European visions and national challenges

State Secretary Mr. Dr. Hans Bernhard Beus, Federal Government Commissioner for Information Technology, Ministry of the Interior, Germany

Speech (DE)

Pooling fr(e)ight? - data pooling and privacy

Mr. Dr. Thilo Weichert, Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein (ULD), Germany

Speech (DE) ; Presentation (DE)

Sharing information across borders – about European visions and national challenges

Mr. Antti Peltomäki, Deputy Director-General of the Directorate-General for the Information Society and Media, European Commission

Speech (EN)


Latest developments in European population registration systems

Role of civil registration from an OSCE perspective

Mr. Zoran Dokovic, OSCE/ODIHR

Presentation (EN)

National Identity and residence Data Verification System in Spain

Mr. Jose Antonio Eusamio, Ministry for Public Administration, Spain

Presentation (EN)

Overview on European civil registration

Mr. Hendrik Tamm, RISER ID Services GmbH, Germany

Presentation (EN)


Population registration - central or decentral approaches?

Experiences in Setting up a Central Registry in Austria

Mr. Thomas Mader, Central Population Register Unit, Ministry of the Interior, Austria

Presentation (DE)

Centralized and decentralized population registration - experiences in Slovenia

Mr. Silvo Režek, Ministry of the Interior, Slovenia

Presentation (EN)

The Roadmap towards a Central Registry in Germany

Mr. Andreas Reisen, Ministry of the Interior, Germany

Presentation (EN)


Enforcing cross-border data protection in Europe

A European view on Enforcement of Data Protection

Mr. Thomas Zerdick, DG Justice, Freedom and Security (JLS), European Commission

Presentation (DE)

How can cross-border data protection be ensured

Ms. Meike Kamp, Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein (ULD), Germany

Presentation (EN)

Direkt marketing and privacy – the Finish example

Mr. Esa Komi, Finish Population Register Centre, Finland

Presentation (EN)

Privacy standards for registry information services

Hendrik Tamm, RISER ID Services GmbH, Germany

Presentation (EN)


EU Services Directive and European eIdentity

STORK – Large scale pilot for European eID management

Mr. Frank Leyman, Fedict – Federal Public Service ICT, Belgium

Presentation (EN)

ECRN – Faster and more efficient Civil Act document exchange

Mr. Alexander Krock, b.i.t. Bremerhaven, Germany

Presentation (EN)

Innovative cross-border eServices

Mr. Stane Štefančič, Genis o.d.d., Slovenia

Presentation (EN)

How RISER can support the implementation of the Services Directive

Mr. Uwe Holzmann-Kaiser, Fraunhofer-Institut FOKUS, Germany and Mr. Bernhard Krabina, Centre for Public Administration Research KDZ, Austria

Presentation (EN)


Demand for European registry information services in Administration and Business

Experiences from Estonian eServices based on the population register

Ms. Pille Rossi, Ministry of the Interior, Estonia

Presentation (EN)

ID Check – Experiences of the Berlin population register

Ms. Klaudia Zurth,  State Office for Residents´ and Regulatory Affairs Berlin (LABO), Germany

Presentation (EN)


Ms. Mari Vestre, Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (DIFI), Norway

Presentation (EN)

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