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RISER receives the EuroPriSe - European Privacy Seal for data protection

During the presentation of the European data protection privacy seal EuroPriSe to the European resident information service RISER on Thursday evening, Dr. Thilo Weichert of the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection  Schleswig-Holstein (ULD) praised the service as a role model for the address verification sector.RISER has particularly excelled through data economy and transparent deletion periods for personal data.


Christian Mangstl, Managing Director of RISER ID Services GmbH, views the certification as reinforcing the consequent orientation of the company to the data protection area: “with the EuroPriSe privacy seal we are setting an important standard for both our customers and the census offices.  For both, RISER is a reliable partner for the processing of customer and address data to the highest data protection standards.” 


In addition to the awarding of the privacy seal, the successful conclusion of the cross-border launch of the European address verification service RISER was celebrated on 17.02.2011. RISER was called into life in 2004 as an innovation project in the scope of the European Commission eTEN Programme. Toda RISER processes resident register inquiries for a total of 12 European states.  For the European Commission RISER is hereby an example for the successful establishment of cross-border e-Government services.


RISER ID Services GmbH is with the European register information RISER the market leader for the processing of electronic resident registry information in Germany. Both commercial and public customers use RISER to verify their customer data with census offices easily, economically and in compliance with data protection provisions. Strict reporting regulations prevent the misuse of data. The service that has received several awards has assumed role model status in Europe through its secure, confidential and transparent processing of personal data.


The European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) is a recognised data protection certificate for IT applications conforming to European data protection requirements. The test is performed by independent data protection experts, whose report is verified by the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection.


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